3 Sneaky, Wallet-Leeching Items and How to Eliminate Them

online-rn-to-bsn-programs2If you’re like me, then you’ve likely wondered what happened to all your money at the end of the month at least a time or two. Sure, times are hard and bills are always there demanding payment, but it seems like there should be more left over than there usually is.

At this moment I’m working towards my RN credential (I actually got my GED last year by following a free online GED course), and when I secure a good job I may change my mind, but for now I really have to think about how to keep my little money inside my wallet!

Here are a few tips that may appear to come in handy when it comes down to spending your hard-earned dollars not clumsily so you cam pay for you education and life costs easier without missing the essentials in life.

1. Daily Coffee

The average cost for the good stuff falls in around $2.50 per cup (and can be as much as $5.00 or more!), and even the not-so-good stuff will set you back at least $1.00.

Multiply the cheapest option by 20 – the average number of work days per month and you’ve just blown $20. Buy the gourmet option and you’re looking at a whopping $50 down the drain every month. It may not sound like much by the day, but in a year’s time you’re blowing anywhere between $240 and $600. On coffee!

Purchase a nice, reusable travel mug in a size you like and then brew your own cup of delight instead. Take it up a level by paying yourself that $2.50 and watch your savings account grow! You probably won’t save enough to purchase a new car any time soon, but it could make a nice padding for your vacation or Christmas fund.

2. Unnecessary Fees

It seems like there are fees on just about everything these days. Some fees are unavoidable, but others are just sneaky ways to make money off of unsuspecting patrons. Take a good look at each of your statements the next time they come. Go through them one by one to see what makes up your charges. Anything you don’t understand or recognize should be something you call the company about.

You might find that you’re paying hundreds of dollars per year on “services” that you don’t even use! Negotiate with your company until you get your bill down to the bare minimum. And don’t forget about “convenience fees” for paying bills online or through an automated system. You should never have to pay extra to pay your bill. Choose another payment method instead.

3. Impulse Buys

You’re standing in line waiting to check out when suddenly a candy bar catches your eye. Or maybe it’s a soda, magazine, or just some cool-looking gadget. What definitely helped me was that, when I was working towards my GED diploma, I developed a sense of modesty when it comes to buying stuff impulsively.

Think before you purchase. If it’s been a while since you had a candy bar or soda and you feel like you deserve to splurge, then that’s ok. But if you’re buying it just because it’s there and seems like a good idea, you’re letting it become a leech. Resist the marketing tactics of the wealthy and build your own wealth instead.


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