Registered Nurse


Have you been wondering what the perks of a career in nursing are? You may be surprised at the answers! Although it can vary from nurse to nurse, the answers are usually similar. If you think nursing is a field you are interested in, do not go in without all the information you can get! Here I have compiled a list of ten things you should know about nursing! Enjoy!

Number 10:  It Pays better than fast food! (though the hours aren’t as good)

Yes, the pay is what some may think is quite good! But if you take into account the long shifts and crazy hours you put in, it can be debated that it is not enough! Also, the worse the hours the better the pay! If you like working nights you can look forward to making a little more than the day shift!

Number 9:  The lovely uniforms.
Although there are a lot worse uniforms out there, you better enjoy wearing pajama-like outfits all day! Maybe this is why many nurses try to spice it up with tacky prints and colors! But it doesn’t stop there! If you are the type to enjoy fashionable shoes, you will soon change your style. To the comfort cruisers that become necessary to the health of your feet, legs, and back, as you will spend 8-12 hours on your feet!

Number 8:  Needles!
Let’s face it! No one likes being on the receiving end of a needle! When you’re a nurse, you get to be the one to poke people with them! It is so amazing how a little needle can turn an adult into a child again when faced with one!

Number 7:  Confidence that all bleeding stops … eventually.
This one is self-explanatory! Whether it clots or not, it will stop everyone empties out eventually!

Number 6:  Opportunity to expose yourself to rare, exotic, and exciting new diseases.
Yes, you will be on the front line of the most contagious diseases! Spending time with the illest of patients while they spew their contaminants all over you!

Number 5:  Odors galore!
When you are a nurse you get to see some gory stuff. This is nothing compared to the plethora of smells you will encounter! Every possible smell from the human body is at the tip of your nose!

Number 4:  You get to work closely with doctors!
Yes, doctors are the most respected of our culture! And don’t they know it! You will get the pleasure of experiencing their perfect opinions and beautiful handwriting every day you work!

Number 3:  Three words… Full Frontal Nudity.
Yes, you will have the pleasure of seeing naked people of all types! Not only that but they are completely comfortable with stripping right in front of you!

Number 2: Celebration holidays with all your friends … at work!
Yes, it’s true! You get to duck out of all kinds of family events with this job! People still get sick on holidays and they will need you to take care of them! This could be upsetting to some people, while others are more than happy to get away from the holiday hub-bub.

Number 1:  Comfort in the knowledge that most of your patients survive no matter what you do to them.
When you are feeling the pressure of someone’s life in your hands. You can think about how lucky you are to have many other well-qualified professionals in the same building as you. They are even CPR certified to boot!