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Nursing Interventions

While it is much easier to revel in the knowledge of our strengths and bask in the praise of others, it is time to stop beating ourselves with our weaknesses. Who, as an adult nurse, needs to be reminded of those anymore? High time for respect for nursing interventions, the backbone of our nursing profession!

That you know what your personal skill weaknesses happen to be is all that matters. That you spend any time at all trying to change a weak skill into a strong skill at this stage of life is a waste of valuable time. Abandon the Weaknesses! Focus on your strength. That will allow you to be good at nursing interventions and enhance your patients’ health and wellbeing.

A strength is not necessarily defined as ‘something we are good at’ but, rather as something we merely enjoy. It is an activity that completely envelopes our minds and hearts while we are engaged in it. We enjoy the time spent and we are inspired when we are done.

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Nursing Interventions – What You Should Know

Nursing Interventions are actions by nurses that will enhance their patients’ health and/or comfort. Nursing Interventions form the backbone of all nursing activities. For nurses who think about advancing their profession, mastering Nursing Interventions is absolutely critical.

What are Nursing Interventions?

The Journal of Nursing Education describes Nursing Interventions as all tasks nurses do for or to their patients and/or all tasks nurses do that will lead directly to their patients’ outcomes.

Nursing Interventions can be specific or general and indirect or direct. The areas of Nursing Interventions include Mobility Therapy; Sleep Pattern Control; Diet Compliance; Infection Control; Positioning Therapy; Alcohol and/or Drugs Abuse Control; Bedbound Care; Postpartum Care; and Energy Conservation. But there are more fields where Nursing Intervention plays a crucial role.

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Nursing Specialization – Case Management

Case Management Nursing

There are three main responsibilities that individuals in the case management nursing field are charged with. They review the way hospital services are utilized, they plan patient discharges and they even ensure high-quality service throughout the facility. They also work to come up with long-term care plans for individuals with chronic or terminal illnesses.

Utilization of Hospital Services

An individual in this specialized nursing field will stay in close contact with patients, physicians, hospital administration and insurance companies to review the ways in which services are delivered.

These individuals may spend countless hours poring over patient charts and comparing information to ensure that these patients are getting the best care available to them.

They may also work with insurance companies to provide information about treatments that are deemed ‘medically necessary’ for the patient; this is sometimes necessary before health insurance companies to pay for certain treatments, surgeries or medications.

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The Good Nurse …but Good Person?

I’ll be the first to admit I love working with a good nurse. Give me a good nurse any day! and we can work short-staffed, under pressure and come out smelling like roses with cheerful and sunny attitudes. Alternatively, give me a fully-staffed shift of slackers and complainers, and we come out overworked, underpaid, grouchy, tired and beaten. Yes, a good nurse is worth their weight in gold.

The good nurse can handle his/her patient care assignment with minimal or no unnecessary emotional drama. I enjoy both the novice and the expert nurse when their work is efficient, comprehensive and professional.  And, thankfully, most nurses are sincerely good.

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