Dear Stepford RNs

I have watched with reserved opinion and bridled interest as the first of you graduated your Masters of Nursing programs and entered our ranks at the bedside of patients throughout the hospital.  We’ve all been watching you.

When you were in “clinicals”, we were fascinated that you knew almost nothing about patient care.  Some of you knew less than nothing.  You had no clinical group class, per se, with an instructor to assist you.  Each of you was individually assigned throughout the hospital and regular clinical staff were assigned to babysit teach precept you.  Most all that you learned clinically, was taught to you, one-on-one by good ol’ regularly educated, trained and experienced nurses.  Nurses that were confused yet happy to share with you.

When the rumors went out that you were not from a new-fangled ADN or BSN training program experimenting with a new method of clinical education but from a MASTERS in Nursing program, we were blown away!  HOW CAN A PERSON ENTER A MS – effin’ N PROGRAM WITHOUT ANY PRIOR –N– EXPERIENCE???


Yes.  Yes they were serious.  And the heralded MSN degree lost a little of its luster among staff, physicians, and colleagues.

Every single one of you started your Masters in Nursing programs with NO HEALTHCARE BACKGROUND AT ALL!?!  All of you have an undergraduate degree in something – of little comfort to us tho it is an interesting conglomeration:  English Lit, French, Political Science, Math, etc…

We didn’t even know such a program existed before you came along – “an Accelerated RN – MSN program”, a “Clinical Nurse Leader program”.  By whatever name it is called, the reality is that it’s a program that admits you as a non-nurse to a graduate nursing program, tells you that you will be Leaders in the Nursing Profession and spits you out with an MSN degree.

Shame on those institutions of learning.  Shame.

Our observations are that you have been seriously misguided about what nurses are, what they do, the truths of acute care nursing practice and are sadly inept in the clinical biosphere.  You lack critical patient care management skills that cannot be hidden behind your new degree.

We welcome you as the new grads you are, but without this prior foundation in nursing, the reality is:  you can be no leader of us.

With kind regards,

~  1.2 Million Professional Nurses That Did Not Cut the Biggest Corner of All –  The Patients