Have You Ever?

Have You Ever–
1.  Jumped out of an airplane?  I never understood why someone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  The rush can’t be THAT huge, or can it?  Either way, you’ll never find me doing this.  Ever.
2.  Won something?  I hit the slots in Central City, CO once, for 500$.  Hugely exciting.  The funny part was that I didn’t want to play (I just think gambling = throwing money away) so my mom gave me a roll of quarters to play with.  She didn’t ask for the winnings, but I took her out for a night on the town as a thank you.  We had a great time!
3.  Moved away from your home town?  I’ve moved something like 20 times.  Wanderlust, I guess.  I’m finding that I don’t really want to do it anymore, which is why I’ve decided to stay here, rather than make the move we were planning.
4.  Been in the hospital?  Way too many times.  The year before I had my gastric bypass, I was in the hospital three different times, for weight related illnesses.  I’m happy to say, I’m healthy now!

5.  Grown your own vegetables?  One year, the ex and I had a big vegetable garden at the community garden.  He did most of it, because he enjoyed it and I didn’t.  I have a brown thumb, which is why I have no plants in my house.  I think I overwater everything.  Good thing the lawn irrigation is on a timer, or I’d probably water it to death, too.
6.  Stayed up all night?  When I’m manic, I can do this for days on end.  I get a lot done, but end up crashing at the end.  Never a good thing.
7.  Gone swimming in the ocean?  I used to LOVE to swim in the ocean, and then I got tangled in a Portuguese Man O’ War jellyfish.  I ended up in the hospital.  I’ll dip my toes in the edge now, but have a major aversion to going in.  I miss body surfing!
8.  Been out of the country?  When we moved to Alaska, we spent three weeks camping throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon.  Canada is beautiful, but I’d love to go somewhere off the continent.  Europe would be my first choice, with Japan running a close second.
9.  Played a video game?  We went to Dave & Busters the other day, and I attempted to play a couple of games, and found out just how bad I am at video games, LOL!  I just can’t get my hand-eye coordination organized.  I can play the Wii pretty well, but anything with a controller/interface more complicated than that, and I’m sunk.
10. Been chased by an animal?  My dog chases me around the house all the time.  I was chased by a moose once, and luckily, I made it back in the house before the damn thing stomped me to death.  One of the scarier moments of my life, I’d have to say.  Moose are mean.
11. Cheated on someone?  Never have.  Been cheated on though, and it sucked, huge.
12. Been to a theme park?  Busch Gardens–Tampa is my favorite.  I don’t ride the roller coasters anymore, though–I always feel like my head is being snapped off my neck.  It must be a getting older thing, because that never stopped me when I was younger.
13. Played Scrabble?  We’ve been into games recently, and just bought this one.  I had played a longggg time ago, and now that we own it, I realize just how bad I am at it.  Hubby beats me every time, LOL!
14. Colored your hair?  Every 6 weeks.  My natural color is rapidly getting more gray by the month, it seems.  I’m not ready to be gray yet, at 46!
15. Gotten in trouble over something you said or did on the internet?  Yes, and it wasn’t pretty.  I try my best to stay pretty anonymous these days, although I know that nothing is truly anonymous.