Online LPN Programs

The idea that one could become an LPN by taking a course that is entirely Internet-based is, if you stop and think about it, a truly silly one. Yet every day thousands of Google searches are performed by people looking for online LPN programs. Such things do exist, in a way, but the whole thing is a little more complicated than it seems.

Why Real Online LPN Programs are an Impossibility

Nursing is one of the most hands-on jobs that anyone could choose to do, and therefore clinical practice and experience, in the real world, is an essential part of any nurse’s training, whether they want to become an LPN or an RN. In order to work as an LPN, every state in the US requires that an individual is licensed, and there are clinical hour requirements attached to that license. And yet there are still those who believe in the fallacy that online LPN programs allow you to become a licensed practical nurse without ever leaving the comfort of your own home.

To demonstrate how flawed that logic is, think about something as basic as learning to drive. An 11-year-old can play PS4 driving games all day, many of which are very realistic, but would you give them a driver’s license to get behind the wheel of a real car based on that experience alone? Of course, you wouldn’t. The same is true of an LPN. Although, as any nurse can tell you, there is plenty of paperwork involved in their duties the majority of their time is spent physically caring for patients – skills that have to be learned in person, just like driving a car.
So What are Online LPN Programs All About?

There are schools that offer “online LPN programs” but it is the less than clear literature that is available that gives people the wrong idea about them. These courses do allow students to complete much of the theoretical work involved in gaining an LPN credential at home but students must still travel to physical sites to complete all the required hands-on training, which comprises about half of the total requirements for graduation from LPN programs and the chance to sit a licensing exam.
Where Should You Take an LPN Course?

Although an online study course is convenient, becoming a nurse involves physically attending school. The good news is that LPN programs are offered at most community colleges so there should be an accredited LPN program available to you fairly close to home. There are also a number of technical schools that offer similar courses. The average LPN program takes about a year to complete and as soon as a graduate has passed their licensing exam they can begin applying for jobs as an LPN. This means that students can gain access to a career that pays well, offers great job prospects and is personally very rewarding in a relatively short amount of time. Check out also this post about how the economy is really killing people.