Ten Things At Work That Make Me Crazy:

1. Unrealistic expectations. The administrator comes up with these ideas that she wants done by the line staff, and she apparently has no idea what their work load is like. Lady, they don’t have TIME for your hare-brained idea.
2. Phone ignoring. No one on the floor answers the phone. Part of the reason is that they are often in a resident’s room, or way down the hall from the desk, but damn, ringing for a half an hour and ignoring it?
3. Pureed food. I spend part of my shift supervising in the dining room. Many times, I help the aides feed residents. Pureed food grosses me out.
4. Smokers. I am the only smoker on my shift, so I automatically get designated the person that escorts the smokers out to the smoking area. I don’t mind, normally, as I get a chance to sit down and have one myself. However, we have one smoker who is demented, and starts going batshit if she doesn’t get her cigarette “on time”. She doesn’t know what time it is, but she knows that I’m “late”. Emergencies could be happening requiring my attention, but getting that cigarette is all she cares about.

5. Call lights. They are a normal part of any health care facility, but sometimes, I swear, they drill into my head.
6. Staff speaking other languages in patient care areas. Not cool. Save it for break time, or behind the nursing station. The residents think you’re talking about them.
7. Maintenance leaving a boatload of tools within reach. Yesterday, they were fixing the fire panel. They not only left the panel wide open, but they left a cart with a bunch of tools right by it. Any resident rolling along in a wheelchair could have grabbed something pokey and put their eye out. Guys, think about where you work. Not everyone is in their right mind.
8. Every phone, for some reason unknown to me, has a different ring. I still have trouble, after 2 months, trying to figure out what is the phone and what is a call bell. A “what were they thinking” kind of thing…
9. Cameras. This facility has cameras everywhere. Every hallway, exit, smoking area, nurses station, break room, etc. I feel weird being watched by the eye in the sky all the time.
10. Lack of communication. This has been a problem in a lot of places I have worked. There isn’t a “day shift” supervisor, so anything that happens on days I have to figure out from several sources of information, instead of getting a report from one person. Sometimes, stuff gets missed, and I don’t find out about it for days. Very frustrating.